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Construction of the bobbin

The “Gomeloboi” branch of OJSC “PPM-Consult” has the ability to produce construction bobbins for DSK and construction companies. A roll of such wallpaper has a length of 22m. and 402m., 0.53m wide. Rolls are produced according to GOST 6810-2002.

The main difference between construction bobbins and conventional rolls is:

  • special selection of paper: for corrugated and waterproof wallpaper: 100 – 110 g / m2; for duplex wallpaper 80 + 90 g / m2, which is about 170 g / m2.
  • special design and the most suitable colors without rapport, with free or direct joining, which is not unimportant, since it makes cutting almost without residues.

In the production of construction bobbins, a moisture and abrasion resistant coating is used. Each reel is 402m. wound on a rigid reusable sleeve with a diameter of 76mm. and packed in wrapping paper, grades E, Zh GOST 8273-75.

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