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About the vinyl wallpaper

Wide range of variants makes vinyl wallpaper is almost a universal solution for the design of residential and office interiors. They allow a simulation of various materials (tiles, wood, textiles, etc.). Vinyl wallpaper are flexible, strong and durable. Foam wallpaper in which the top layer of vinyl as a result of thermal treatment of acquired additional structure, more dense and well conceal irregularities of the walls, are highly resistant to mechanical stress.

Vinyl wallpaper can be repeatedly repainted in a different color. In addition, an important advantage of wallpaper is the ability to remove surface stains, glue and other dirt with a damp sponge, so they can be safely used for pasting not only office and residential premises, but also the kitchen, hallway and bathroom.

Currently available foamed vinyl wallpaper with plastisol in various colors with metallic pigments and granules of 530 mm and 1060 mm and a length of 10.05 m, 15 m and 25 m.

Vinyl wallpaper on the structure are divided into two major groups:

  • vinyl wallpaper with paper backing;
  • Vinyl wallpaper on the basis of non-woven composite material (nonwoven fabric).

Vinyl wallpaper on paper include two basic elements: a layer of paper and vinyl flooring in a pattern. Wallpapers can hide small wall defects, do not crumple, improve sound insulation in the room.

Vinyl wallpaper on the basis of non-woven fabrics (nonwoven) recently gaining popularity. For their manufacture on a layer of nonwoven fabric applied vinyl flooring, wallpaper which improves resistance to mechanical impact, UV and moisture. Wallpapers have high strength and density, do not stretch, can hide small wall defects, do not crumple. In the case of re-repair, they can be easily removed without residue without pre-wetting and scraping. When gluing them covered with glue only the wall, which greatly simplifies the process of gluing.

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