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About paper base wallpaper

Paper wallpaper are environmentally friendly products. Thanks boo-based mazhnoy walls are able to “breathe”. When the need for frequent changes in the interior with minimal costs, they represent a good alternative to other types of wallpaper. You can “freshen” the appearance of the walls every few years, or even every year. These wallpapers are recommended for use in premises with normal humidity: bedrooms, living rooms, children’s, etc. Some types of wallpaper to improve the water resistance are covered with special polymer coatings (code C2-BO, BO-S13V, S22V-BO, BO-S25V, S28V-BO).

At our branch produce the following types of paper wallpaper: simplex – consisting of a single layer of paper, duplex – consisting of two layers of paper that are glued together in the process of manufacturing products, foam (Foam).

Simplex wallpaper released the following types:

  • embossed painted (corrugated) – C1-BO;
  • smooth waterproof during operation – C2-BO.

In the production of wallpapers duplex occurs bonding the upper layer of paper already printed with a pattern on it and the substrate. In the subsequent embossing formed deep sustained relief corresponding pattern (embossing in register). Relief is protected by a layer of adhesive between upper and lower paper webs. Duplex wallpaper are characterized by high strength and at the expense of double fabric hide minor surface defects of the walls. The two-layer construction prevents stretching of the fabric when pasting and, accordingly, the distortion pattern.

Produced types of duplex Wallpaper:

  • embossing (embossed in register C25-BW, BW-S25M, S25N-BO, BO-C22, C27-BW, or with an asymmetrical stamping (BO-C13, C28-BO);
  • embossing waterproof (BO-S13V, S22V-BO, BO-S25V, S28V-BO).

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