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Hereby notified that production unitary enterprise “Gomeloboi” Gomel, st. Sevastopol, 45 tel. 8 (0232) 36-30-18, fax 8 (0232) 36-30-46 filed an application to the Gomel Regional Committee of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection for a comprehensive environmental permit to operate the facility: Production Unitary Enterprise “Gomeloboi” – the enterprise for manufacture of wallpaper.

Year of Foundation – 1927 Production capacity – 36786 t.u.k. in year. Since 2014, the company is modernizing existing vinyl wallcoverings combined method of printing double-width, which is expected to result in improved product quality. In the modernized site is planned to introduce a more efficient cleaning system, which will significantly reduce emissions of pollutants into the air. The company has 105 stationary sources of emissions. The size of the sanitary protection zone – 50 m Category effects on the air -. Third. The company has its own sewage treatment plant mechanical cleaning of surface and industrial wastewater. In the course of production activities, the company has a complex effect on the following components of the environment: pollutant emissions into the atmosphere, water resources and wastewater sewage in surface water bodies, treatment of industrial waste (storage, use, disposal) located 246021 Gomel str. Sevastopol, 45.

In accordance with the application to obtain an integrated environmental permit Production Unitary Enterprise “Gomeloboi” plans to carry out activities on the basis of this authorization until 2020.

Main activities to ensure environmental safety: the enterprise is the primary accounting of water use (water disposal), waste production and operation of stationary sources of emissions. It is a full collection of secondary material resources. Held local monitoring of surface discharge of waste water into the lake Shaporev. The company has regularly carried out industrial environmental monitoring. The PUP “Gomeloboi” implemented and operates a certified environmental management system.
Suggestions and comments on the application for a production unitary enterprise “Gomeloboi” integrated environmental permit should be submitted in writing at a nature: 246021 Gomel, st. Sevastopol, 45. tel. 8 (0232) 36-30-18 contact person responsible for the collection and consideration of public appeals Krutikova Evgeny Vasilievich (tel.8 (0232) 36-30-87). Hours: 8.00-17.00 (break 12.00-13.00) and (or) a territorial body of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus at the following address: 246050 Gomel, st. Irininskaya, d. 1.
Dates of public statements by discussions: Mr. 21.12.15-30.01.16

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