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Participation in the VIII-th Republican exhibition-fair “kryak”

From 10 to 19 July in the city of Gomel UE”, Gomeloboi” participated in the VIII-th largest Republican exhibition-fair company “kryak.”


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For Gomel she became a real holiday purchases, with the ability to purchase many necessary goods cheaper than anywhere else. In Gomel “kryak” came the first time and received positive feedback both from buyers and from the participants.


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The eighth exhibition in the framework of the “kryak” was held in the Palace of athletics at St. Jubilee, 52. The area of the pavilion amounted to 1 380 m2. For the entire period of the fair was visited by more than 19,000 people.
After the official opening of the exhibition all guests “kryak” received a gift – a free concert the popular music group “Tyani – Tolkay”, which was a great success and brought many positive emotions.


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Major Republican exhibition of the Belarusian Companies have joined the public policy interests, manufacturers and people through the retail trade at wholesale prices. “kryak” has helped increase the sales of domestic products and to significantly unload the warehouses of the national manufacturers participating in the project.
An important innovation of the Gomel “kryak” became the commercial and industrial forum. To develop the sales structure in the course of the exhibition in the conference hall hosted a meeting of industrial and commercial companies in a round table format.


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Mutual interest ck”, Gomeloboi” and consumers has become the basis of the success of the fair “kryak.” The consumer had the opportunity to buy Wallpapers that were previously too expensive to him, and for that reason, the purchase was postponed for later.

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