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09 September 2014

This became known at the end of the 11th Republican professional contest “Best Building Product of the Year – 2014”. The contest is held in order to identify the best products for construction application, which are used in Belarus, with the help of professional expertise, as well as to inform consumers about the product.

20 May 2014

Products of “Gomeloboi” been praised experts. Our vinyl wallpaper embossed profiled foam with metallic inks, embossed vinyl wallpaper on non-woven base, foamed vinyl wallpaper on non-woven base with decorative trim recognized “Best Product of the Year 2014” in the contest held in the framework of the International Exhibition “Stroyexpo”.

26 April 2013

Industrial sanitary laboratory Gomeloboi conducts certification of ventilation systems and aerodynamic tests of ventilation systems for outside organizations. Certification gazoochistnyhustanovok and measuring the concentration of exhaust pollutants from SEI.

28 July 2011

Ladies and gentlemen.

Private Production Unitary Enterprise “Gomeloboi” has the ability to produce for third parties:

1. Printed shafts Gravure.

2. The embossing rollers.

3. Penovaly for gravure printing.

4. Printing plates for screen printing.

More information can be found on t. +375 232 36-02-42

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