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12 February 2016

Renting in the (administration building) “Gomeloboi” unitary enterprise, located at the address: Gomel, st. Sevastopol, 45.
The total area proposed for the rental of premises is 307.7 m2. There are spaces from 10 to 50 m2. Cost of 1 m2 is set by agreement between the parties.

10 February 2016

27 – 29 January Minsk hosted the Final event of the Professional competition brand of the YEAR 2015. The most successful Belarusian companies received the prestigious award for the implementation of their marketing strategies and consumer acceptance.

04 January 2016

Hereby notified that production unitary enterprise “Gomeloboi” Gomel, st. Sevastopol, 45 tel. 8 (0232) 36-30-18, fax 8 (0232) 36-30-46 filed an application to the Gomel Regional Committee of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection for a comprehensive environmental permit to operate the facility: Production Unitary Enterprise “Gomeloboi” – the enterprise for manufacture of wallpaper.

13 November 2015

It is important that revenues grew per employee every year – this is the chairman of the regional executive committee Vladimir Dvornik said during his working visit to the company “Gomeloboi”.

25 August 2015

From 10 to 19 July in the city of Gomel UE”, Gomeloboi” participated in the VIII-th largest Republican exhibition-fair company “kryak.”

24 August 2015

From 21 to 24 May 2015. in the city of Gomel on the street. Jubilee, 52 UE “Gomeloboi” participated in the International Fair “Spring in Gomel 2015” and in the May anticipated event for both residents of the city, and for its guests. Official opening of the exhibition “Spring in Gomel – 2015” took place on the day of the XII Gomel Economic Forum on May 22 at 13:00.

21 August 2015

August 14 in the city of Gomel on the street. Mogilev, 1a of the official opening of branded section “wallpaper press discounter”, which was attended by many guests, among them the head of district administration Navabelitski Neverov AN, Deputy. head Navabelitski district Korneev SA, General Director of “Obltorgsoyuz” AN Sidorenko, Deputy. General Director of “Obltorgsoyuz” Suschevich AN, Director of UE “Gomeloboi” Mozhanov IG reporters and TV company “Homel”.

10 April 2015

With “Gomeloboi” 31st March to 3rd April, along with affiliates UE “Minsk wallpaper factory” Dobruska and paper mill “Labour Hero” took part in the largest building and interior exhibition of Russia – MosBuild 2015.

05 November 2014

From October 28 to October 31, 2014, the company “Gomeloboi” participated in the international wholesale trade fair in Minsk.

03 October 2014

In the process of implementation of the program of import substitution in the company commissioned the latest oboepechatnoe equipment «Stork» company (the Netherlands), where commercial production of modern vinyl wallpaper on non-woven and paper-based width 530 and 1060 mm, which expanded the range of products.

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