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Opening of “wallpaper press discounter”

August 14 in the city of Gomel on the street. Mogilev, 1a of the official opening of branded section “wallpaper press discounter”, which was attended by many guests, among them the head of district administration Navabelitski Neverov AN, Deputy. head Navabelitski district Korneev SA, General Director of “Obltorgsoyuz” AN Sidorenko, Deputy. General Director of “Obltorgsoyuz” Suschevich AN, Director of UE “Gomeloboi” Mozhanov IG reporters and TV company “Homel”.


Trade area discounter is spacious and allows you to simultaneously accommodate a large number of customers, which is especially important during the weekend.
But special attention of buyers attracted creative creativity UP employees’ Gomeloboi “. In the store with mannequins adorned dresses, handmade wallpaper of their own production. Their convincing resemblance to real clothes struck!


“Gomeloboi” The team is divided into the appearance of the idea of opening a store: “We thought that our beautiful city has many upholstery shops, but their range is not everyone can afford. That is how the idea of the opening of wallpaper discounter born. You can come here every day from 9:00 to 20:00 on weekdays, and on weekends from 9:00 to 18:00, and choose a good solution for the interior at very attractive prices.


In choosing the wallpaper you are always ready to help a team of professionals.


Many of us remember as a kid everybody loved to draw, so the dream of a “big coloring” Today reality. We offer wallpapers that no doubt like every child – in fact they can decorate!


Just branded section is equipped with a special mirror that allows you to see with your own eyes, how will look the selected wallpaper on the walls do not go beyond the threshold of the shop.





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