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New equepment

In the process of implementation of the program of import substitution in the company commissioned the latest oboepechatnoe equipment «Stork» company (the Netherlands), where commercial production of modern vinyl wallpaper on non-woven and paper-based width 530 and 1060 mm, which expanded the range of products.

Similar equipment is installed at the factory wallpaper Rasch (Germany).
The enterprise started producing vinyl stencil, hot stamping Vinyl (not previously produced in the Republic of Belarus), the foam vinyl (supermoyki), which are not inferior in quality to European counterparts.

These wallpapers are easy to clean, durable, wear-resistant, are not exposed to sunlight, poorly flammable and environmentally safe, since the production uses only environmentally friendly materials that meet modern technical requirements.

Wallpapers can be used not only in dry areas, but also in humid rooms and in unheated rooms.

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