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“STAR Repair ” episode 4

Many people have a dream of visiting a guest star. Now with “Gomeloboi” and the project “Star Repair” is possible!
For the first time in Belarus kicked off the reality show “Star Repair” in the TV magazine «XXL Women TV» broadcast on TV channels Belarus 1 and Belarus-24.
Every two months, four star family and their everyday life repairs, contests between them.

Every week “Gomeloboi” and the project “Star Repair” takes home the participants. Today is the fourth video diary where the heroes continue their let the ideal repair.

All week in the home of Sasha Nemo zhudko cold – blame only the old window frame in the living room.


In Inessa Kuntcevich this week blockage at work, and it is not to repair.


A family of Fame and Nagorno Alesia Kodush again a scandal over the wall, they gathered to repaint.


Vera Koretnikov’s company «Rehau» invited to their production. But the singer did not work, because her sister asked her to sit with the children, so communication happening online.


Well, after the plan for the next competition participants. And what happens then you can see in the following editions of “Star Repair”.

Do not forget to follow the star renovated every Sunday at 12:00 on Belarus 1 and Belarus 24 on site, XXL Group in,, as well as on the website

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