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“STAR Repair ” episode 3

Many people have a dream of visiting a guest star. Now with “Gomeloboi” and the project “Star Repair” is possible!
For the first time in Belarus kicked off the reality show “Star Repair” in the TV magazine «XXL Women TV» broadcast on TV channels Belarus 1 and Belarus-24.
Every two months, four star family and their everyday life repairs, contests between them.

Every week “Gomeloboi” and the project “Star Repair” takes home the participants. Today, the third video blog where the heroes continue their let the ideal repair.

Many people are afraid to start the repair, but our stars not one of those – they have already started their way to a perfect repair.
In the last issue of Sasha Nemo chosen design their walls, in this – the master has already started to work.


But in the family of Slava Nagorno Alesia Kodush – the couple decided to start a repair installation of the door.


In the last issue Inessa Kuntcevich learned about his maid’s disease, after which the woman herself decided to start farming and buy a vacuum cleaner.


But Faith Koretnikovoy morning dawned not quite good, but did not lose her faith and sought the help of experts.


But at the end of a video diary of the competition with our heroes.

Do not forget to follow the star renovated every Sunday at 12:00 on Belarus 1 and Belarus 24 on site, XXL Group in,, as well as on the website

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