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International Sambo Tournament

In the village Birches Gomel region has successfully passed the international tournament on sambo among young Slavs. His audience became active Gomel boys who have problems with the law.

Sports tournaments in various sports today few people are surprised. But it was still special. Firstly, thanks to the special atmosphere of patriotic he is convinced that Sambo – a powerful tool for the implementation of the idea of the continuity of generations and Slavic friendship.


Besides organized sports such a high level at the present time quite difficult enterprise – PUP “Gomeloboi”. Yet it is noteworthy that the preparation is headed by the trade union committee, and on the way from the idea to the implementation and administration of trade union solidarity solve all problems than demonstrated striking example of social partnership.


– This is our first experience of such events. But the fact that the organizer acted krupneyshee Belarusian enterprise for the production of wallpaper, which employs more than 800 people, enthusiasts of the business – is not an accident, – the director of “Gomeloboi” Igor Mozhanov. – We are confident, regardless of the economic component, all businesses need to help children’s sports movement. Earlier, by the way, the company maintains one of the volleyball clubs, but in recent years due to the economic factor tradition was broken. Recently, we got together with the trade union committee and decided to return to good practice and support the development of a specific case of child Sambo.

The choice of format of the international tournament, which, according to the head, will remain traditional, associated with another unifying sotspartnerov position: Slavic peoples should always be together. That is why Gomel made efforts to the Belarusian land brought together representatives of the three countries – young Russians, Belarusians, Ukrainians, who live in a good neighborhood in the future. And the organizers were very pleased that our neighbors have responded to the invitation of the enterprise.


– 127 children 12-14 years old from the cities and towns of Belarus, Ukrainian Chernigov and Nezhin, Russian Novozybkov and Klintsov who are professionally engaged in internationally recognized sport, created in the USSR, and brings together the best achievements of the world culture in the field of martial arts, visited the Gomel region in celebration of Maslenitsa – says the chairman of the primary trade PUP “Gomeloboi” Victor Kushnerov. – Frankly speaking, in addition to supporting youth sambo, strengthening the Slavic tradition, it was important to promote a healthy lifestyle among the younger generation for us, his involvement in useful leisure.


These words are confirmed in practice: as spectators at a sports festival was attended by a lot of Gomel teenagers who have real problems with the law. Organizers invited them in the hope that the example of peer enthusiastic sports city of Gomel troubled teens and surrounding settlements will change their way of life. Perhaps one of these children, friends with Sambo, in the long run also reached high sports achievements, as well as attending the tournament famous athletes.

And it was leveled at anyone! So guys literally caught every advice USSR Master of Sports in Sambo, Director of the specialized youth sports school of Olympic reserve of the Gomel district Victor Shundikova. Dozens of his students have become members of the national teams in sambo and dyudo, winning world and European competitions. By the way, the son of Victor Pavlovich, Sergei Shundikov, which at the time coached by Master recently became the world champion. By the way, and the Director of Youth and one of his pupils, a professional athlete, master of sports of international class, a member of the national team on Sambo, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Major Eugene Semochkin highly appreciated the significance of what happened sporting event organized by the administration and the trade union committee “Gomeloboi”.


Tournament Beryozki was spectacular, colorful and bright, and scored victories in different weight categories of young sambo wrestlers from all three countries. However, “gold” is more Belarusians. But organizers have to worry about that as much as possible the children were awarded with cups, medals and gifts. Moreover, among the gifts it was and its new products – just launched in the production of kinds of wallpaper. How confident director of the company Igor Mozhanov, in any home, they will not interfere with the parents of winners will be happy to update your spring and give a comfortable view of its housing.


However, in the event was not lost: many children became friends and agreed to communicate in social networks. Here Belarusian Vlad Gourmet Beryozka of Gomel district, Eugene Kravchenko from Russia Novozybkov, Artem Kushnerov from Ukrainian Chernigov confidently said to me: “Let’s be friends!”



Author: VN Gavrilovic

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