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Chairman of the Executive Committee Vladimir Dvornik visited with “Gomeloboi” working visit

It is important that revenues grew per employee every year – this is the chairman of the regional executive committee Vladimir Dvornik said during his working visit to the company “Gomeloboi”.


For the governor organized a tour of the company, we talked about the features of the process, showed all stages of production, right up to the manufacture of the final product. The event was also attended by Chairman of the Gomel City Executive Committee Piotr Kirichenko, representatives of the managing company “Belarusian Wallpaper”. During the year, the company sold the holding for about 15 – 16 million tubes of wallpaper, and among the competitors in the Belarusian market – mostly Ukrainian manufacturers.

– It has become a good tradition, when the leaders of all levels visited industrial enterprises in the region, – said Vladimir Dvornik. – And especially those enterprises where wages are lower than the average for the region. We now understand that without real economic sector budget occupancy is insufficient, so pay special attention to the industrial enterprises. It is important that the revenue per employee grew from year to year. Accordingly, will be going revenue that will develop and certain social areas.


According to Vladimir Andreyevich, there are objective reasons for the financial problems at the company: “In view of the fact that the world market dipped, the demand for products has become smaller. But, nevertheless, we see that the ability of each company have not been exhausted. Today, all you need to work on reducing costs in order to obtain competitive products. We tried to unload our enterprises of non-core assets to help them. ”

After the tour, the governor met with the workers’ Gomeloboi “enterprise, and all those present could ask Vladimir Janitor questions.
– The financial situation of the company is not easy, – told the “Gomelskay praўdy” management company chief engineer holding “Belarusian Wallpaper” Andrew Bashilov. – But it is not only with the results of our company, but with the current economic situation in the first place in the Russian market: there is supplied about 70 percent of total production. Perspectives, of course, there, and today you can observe the work of the two new lines combined, which last year were put into operation. They also produce the whole range of well-known products to our customers.

“Gomeloboi” recently significantly expanded the range of products: “In addition to Russia, the products are exported to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, France, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia. Previously, one of the priorities was Ukraine, but today, in this regard, there are certain complexity. Although we are still trying to be active in the Ukrainian market. ”

And the difference between the Belarusian and European markets have including in terms of consumer preferences, “There’s the company more focused on the issue of wallpaper for painting, but we dominated floral theme. In addition, the Belarusian and Russian market there economy class segment, ie the paper wall, as well as the elite class – vinyl wallpaper. ”






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