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21st International Building and Interior Exhibition «MOSBUILD-2015″: OVERVIEW

With “Gomeloboi” 31st March to 3rd April, along with affiliates UE “Minsk wallpaper factory” Dobruska and paper mill “Labour Hero” took part in the largest building and interior exhibition of Russia – MosBuild 2015.


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On the day of the inauguration of the exhibition MosBuild-2015 attended by heads and representatives of state and public organizations, ambassadors of foreign states.
The exhibition was conducted 185 performances, presentations and workshops on the most topical issues affecting the development of the construction industry


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On an official visit at the exhibition was attended by the minister of construction and housing and communal services of the Russian Federation Mikhail me. The guest of honor said a variety of exhibits presented at MosBuild.


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The total number of visitors is striking – more than 69 000 and more than 1 500 participants and 44 countries.
The main outcomes of the exhibition reflected in the meetings with partners, meeting with potential partners and to introduce and promote the brand on the market Most High.


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40% of participants received 500 contacts

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MosBuild exhibition was held in two main areas:
– MosBuilds: Design and decoration;
– MosBuilds: construction and architecture.
Greatest interest in the block «MosBuilds: design and décor” Visitors have shown to block “Wallpaper”:


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UE “Gomeloboi” within the exhibition also presented its products:


We have presented a fairly wide range of SKUs, meeting the European standards ISO 9001.


Of greatest interest to the visitors of the exhibition showed a vinyl wallpaper, won the contest “Best Building Product of the Year 2014” in the nomination “The best building material (product) of the Year”


The purpose of participation in the exhibition UE “Gomeloboi” was the presentation and the presentation of products, meeting with dealers, the search for new customers, to discuss the implementation of new and already signed contracts for the shipment, as well as to discuss the prospects for further cooperation.

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