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“STAR Repair ” episode 1

Many people have a dream of visiting a guest star. Now with “Gomeloboi” and the project “Star Repair” is possible!

For the first time in Belarus kicked off the reality show “Star Repair” in the TV magazine «XXL Women TV» broadcast on TV channels Belarus 1 and Belarus-24.
Every two months, four star family and their everyday life repairs, contests between them.

In the first issue of the “Star Repair” are introduced to the first participants.


Singer Faith Koretnikova makes repairs in the apartment


The duo Fame and Nagorno Lesi Kodush looking design solution for the office of its event-agency.


Alexander Pavlovich from Hockey club “Dynamo” and the ex-singer of the group ‘Topless’ Kuntcevich Inessa decided to do a major overhaul on the third, attic floor

With all the difficulties repair stellar families every Sunday in the REAL-shoe “Star Repair” project XXL Women TV will help the company “Gomeloboi”. TV Program presented in the format of a video diary about everyday life repairs, its difficulties and unexpected results. Also, all viewers receive practical advice on repairs.

Singer Faith Koretnikova long time was going to make repairs in his apartment, but all plans collapsed when the singer appeared little son Dobrynya.

In this apartment the singer spent her childhood and adolescence, and many things are very expensive like Faith memories. The apparent advantage of the Faith of the apartment is an interesting layout and a great view from the window, so the repair was made to start with a change of the window frame.


But Slava and Lera Nagorno Kodush decided to begin to make repairs in their event-agency. Glory as a bona fide owner of the office he has made some achievements that he wanted to change.


The following characters hockey hockey club “Dynamo” and the ex-singer of the group “topless” Inessa Kuntcevich. In the new house Inessa and Sasha live a year and during that time two floors Inessa brought to perfection, but unfortunately, the third hand is not reached. On the third floor Inessa and Sasha decided to make room for the rest.


And quaternary party – Sasha Nemo decided to make repairs in the room, which was previously the recording studio, but now here Alexander wants to make a dining area.


In addition to stories about the everyday life of the stellar renovation project participants will compete with each other in the construction and domestic competitions.

Do not forget to follow the star renovated every Sunday at 12:00 on Belarus 1 and Belarus 24 on site, XXL Group in,, as well as on the website

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