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Paraffined paper and packaging material based on paper waxed

Paraffined paper is designed for packaging of foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, medicines, non-food products, metal products, industrial products for various purposes.

Stamps produced waxed paper:

Brand Description
PSU 1-25 Paraffined paper for internal podvertki confectionery machines, vystilanija boxes, packaging of medicines, drugs
PSU 2-25 Paraffined paper for packaging safety razor blade
PSU 3-35 Paraffined paper for packaging of metal
PSU 5-28 Paraffined paper for packaging of medicines, drugs
PSU 6-40 Paraffined paper for packaging of foodstuffs, products of various purpose, drugs, medicines, non-food products

Stamps PSU 1-25, 2-25 PSU, PSU 5-28 and 6-40 PSU manufactured in rolls, in reels brand PSU PSU 3-35 and 4-28 – on rolls.

Roll width: 750, 800, 830, 840 and 1050mm with a maximum deviation ± 2mm. The diameter of the rolls of at least 350mm.

The main parameters of waxed paper.

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