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Napkin household

Napkins household. Through the use of polymer materials, easy to clean surface from moisture and dirt, and the base in the form of non-woven fabric has a pleasant tactile sensation.
Our wipes can be used in everyday living conditions, at festivals, corporate parties suburban, specialized itinerant trade, etc.

The broad scope of our products contributes to a diverse selection of drawings. Starting from the theme: Easter, Christmas, New Year, etc. and ending neutral “tartan” and dining theme, neutral colors, etc.

On request, the wiper may be executed in any color, and it can be applied to any image, and (or) your company logo.

Our products favorably with similar products packaging method – in rolls of 50 m and more in the format of 880 mm and 1040 mm.

This packaging makes it possible to:

– For wholesaler – to save on packaging, purchase the required length for the retail trade, the reduction of costs per unit of realizable goods (warehousing, delivery, etc.);

– For the retail consumer – choice of the optimal length of the tablecloth to the individual requirements (custom table event involving drawing tables, etc.).

The products are certified and meets the requirements of TU BY 81000108.043-2011

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