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Metallic paper brand MB (35-120) g / m2

“MetaPak” produces aluminum metalized paper or subset obtained by bonding the aluminum coating, the vapor-deposited on the polymeric film with the base paper

Aluminum metallized paper layer does not have direct contact with food.

On the metallized paper color printing flexo can be applied.

“MetaPak” produces metallised paper of the following brands:

Brand Description
MB metallized paper designed for packaging food products, including tea, tobacco and confectionery, chocolate, flour, sugar, spices, spices, yeast, drugs and medical devices
MBZHV Metallized Paper zhirovlagostoykaya designed for packaging of natural animal and vegetable fats, margarine, edible fats, meat, cheese products, syrkovo, frozen food, ice cream and other foods with a moisture content of more than 15% of medicines and medical products
MBZH metallized greaseproof paper intended for food packaging with a moisture content up to 15% of medicines and medical devices
MBL metallized paper sheets
MBlt metallized paper with embossed sheets
MBt Paper Metallized embossed
MBch metallized paper with partial metallization
ЬBO metallized paper for wallpaper
MBOV metallized paper for vinyl wallpaper

All brands manufactured metallized paper correspond to TU RB 28867746.001-98 and TR CU 005/2011 “On the safety of the package.”

Aluminum metallized coating weight on the paper is in the range of 0.03 – 0.1 g / m2.

Metallized paper is wound into rolls and cardboard sleeve on the bobbin with an inner diameter (75 ± 1) mm.

The main parameters of metallized paper:

parameter value
Roll width 600 – 1230 mm. ± 3 mm.
The width of the bobbin 60 – 600 mm. ± 2 mm.
Diameter of mm. ± mm.

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