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Combined materials

Materials intended for single combined manual and automatic packaging of cold dry, liquid, fat-containing food with a moisture content higher than 15% and not for packaging of edible products.

Composite materials obtained by bonding plastic films, cardboard, parchment paper and including metallized with polymeric films in various combinations with and without applying printing press.

In composite materials, according to the order, the image may be applied to the method of flexographic printing.

Options for composite materials: MPETF / PE 12/30; MPETF (12) / SpunBel.; MPETF / Paper 12/180; PET / PE 12/60; MPETF / cardboard 80 – 300 g / m2; BOPP / BOPP 20 … 80/20 … 80; MPETF / BOPP etc.

All brands of composite material correspond to TU RB 810001080.049-049-2015 and TR CU 005/2011 “On the safety of the package.”

The main parameters of composite materials:

parameter value
The width of the composite material in rolls 600 – 1 200 mm. ± 3mm.
The width of the combined material in coils 60 – 600 mm. ± 2 mm.
The diameter of the sleeve winding 76 ± mm. и 152 ± 2 mm.
The maximum roll diameter of 800 mm
The minimum diameter of the spool 250 mm

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