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Mastering the process can produce feedstock for the manufacture of various types of packaging, corresponding to the highest requirements of the customer.

For the metallization of paper, cardboard mastered the technology transfer, which is a rival technology manufacturing laminated foil and direct metallization of paper. Obtained using this technology metallic materials have a specular gloss plating, high barrier properties to UV and IR radiation, good barrier properties to the grease, abrasion resistance, bursting and friction. The flexibility and strength of the metallized surface allows the use of the material in the filling machines without delamination and fracture in the folds of the package.

Recently, the issue of environmental protection is very important. Thousands of tonnes of packaging waste, especially produced with the use of foil require additional costs for recycling or disposal. Metallized transfer materials are environmentally friendly manner completely recycled without additional costs due to the fact that the thickness of the aluminum layer is only 0.02 microns up to 100 times less than in the laminated foil.

Implementation of new materials and materials that reduce production costs.
At the enterprise there is a system of measures aimed at reducing the cost of goods, increased productivity and product quality.

To perform the basic production processes, the company achieved the production, storage, ancillary facilities.

All products passed the hygienic registration in the prescribed manner.

There is a license for all kinds of activities.

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