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Regulation on exclusive production

Regulations on the organization of exclusive designs production

I. General provisions

1. This Regulation applies to the production of vinyl wallpaper production unitary enterprise “Gomeloboi” (hereinafter – Company).

2. This Regulation is aimed at the development and promotion of the vinyl production companies, increasing its competitiveness.

3. This Regulation establishes the procedure for placing an order for the production of exclusive designs, production, timing, volume and pricing principles and implementation.

II. The procedure for placing an order for the production of exclusive designs.

1. Design, offered as an exclusive, the customer is provided in the form of:

– Fabric or finished design with the Terms of Reference (TOR below) to the design. The terms of reference should include: size, design, technical execution (heavy vinyl, vinyl chemical foaming stencil vinyl), brilliance, in the case of the finished embossing shaft indicates the shaft, the possible spec. effects, indicative production time, etc.

In addition, the manufacturer has the right to offer the customer an exclusive design available in the development of enterprises, in this case the customer is considering a design on the artistic and technical council.

The responsibility for any claims related to copyright, the Customer bears.

2. The presented design is considered at the expert councils for the possibility of its production with the use of existing technologies in the enterprise.

3. When removal of the Expert Council a positive decision on the possibility of manufacturing represented by design, printing plate plant starts its processing and related services to place orders for the production of printed snap.

III Terms of manufacturing of exclusive design

1. The manufacture of exclusive design terms defined by the decision of the Expert Council and Enterprise depends on the following factors:
– The degree of capacity utilization;
– Market conditions which determine the urgency of the pattern of production;
– The complexity of the nature provided for drawing production.

paintable wallpaper 10 days from the final color separation
18 days after the original
vinyl stencil
vinyl chemical foaming
heavy vinyl (embossing roller of the Customer or the manufacturer)
1 month
tyazhelyyvinil (embossing shaft to be ordered from a third party) 5 months

IV. Setting exclusive designs for production

1. Date of staging to production order exclusive design agreed with the customer.

2. Colours exclusive design developed by the manufacturer (or the customer or jointly). In developing the coloring must be present for approval of the Customer Representative samples of the Customer or a written agreement for the development of color exclusive design without his representative.

3. The amount of color is coordinated with the customer.

4. The samples were manufactured in the proofing equipment, provided the customer for approval, which shall provide an opinion on the conformity of the design layout original claims and coloristic resheniya.Vse additional costs for the provision of design patterns to match the layout original Customer bears.

5. Approval of the design is expressed by the signing of the Act (Appendix №1) specifying the article, the name of the design, the presence (absence) of the separations of the Contractor, the amount of color, sample size products.

6. Signed aktsluzhboy chief technology available in USiM PEOdlya and pricing for the customer and control the volume and timing of sampling.

7. In case of non approval of samples by the Customer, they pass completion (mess) up to their approval by both parties, if the approval is not reached within 18 days- design removed from production. Customer shall pay the amount of the costs on the design.

V. Volumes minimum release (mandatory selection) exclusive designs.

1. The volume of the issue (mandatory selection) exclusive designs set for the vinyl wallpaper in the following formats: 1.06h10.05m, 1.06h25.0m, 0.53h10.05m.

2. The application for issue of a minimum batch of exclusive design must be in accordance with the number:

For vinyl wallpaper:

– For format 1.06h10.05 – not less than 2000 natural rolls of each of color – stencil vinyl on non-woven basis;

– For 1.06h10.05 format – no less than 1200 natural rolls of each of color – vinyl hot stamping on paper basis;

– For 0.53h10.05 format – no less than 3000 natural rolls each of color – vinyl chemical embossing on paper;

– For format 1,06h25.0 – not less than 1000 natural rolls each of color – stencil vinyl on a paper basis.

3. The customer is obliged within 6 six months from the date agreed design to choose the total amount of product (listed in the application) after the amount of:

Vinyl wallpapers:

– Stencil vinyl on a paper-based format 1.06h10.05m – 12,000 natural rolls;

– Hot stamping Vinyl non-woven based format 1.06 * 10,05m – 9200 natural rolls with existing enterprise equipment (embossing rolls).

– Vinyl chemical foaming paper-based format 0.53h10.05m – 32,000 natural rolls;

– Stencil vinyl on a paper-based format 1,06h25,0m – 4500 natural rolls.

When “failure to select” exclusive design in the specified amounts the Customer shall pay the cost of manufacturing the printed tooling, as well as costs incurred in the manufacture of this equipment. In case of partial “failure to select” exclusive design in these volumes customer pays the cost of manufacturing the printed equipment, including hot embossing rolls, and expenses incurred in the manufacture of the equipment, in proportion to the non-selected part.

4. Customer agrees to remove all the quantities produced in accordance with a single application, within 7 working days from the date of notification of its products the Contractor’s readiness for shipment.

5. The customer has the right to enter into agreements with other legal entities of the total volume of the sample established by this ordered production Polozheniem.Vsya responsibility performance commitments distributed among the participants in proportion to the share of the sample specified in the agreement.

6. Re-application for the production of exclusive design is accepted to the extent multiple one-time issue.

VI. pricing
1. Price at the wallpaper, acquired exclusive rights formed on the basis of price negotiation protocol that exists between customer and supplier.

2. Price is valid for designs that can be attributed to existing enterprise and part numbers. On the design of the new SKU Price formed individually.

VII. implementation methodology

1. The Contractor shall provide the Customer with the exclusive rights to sell the exclusive designs in the host country of the Customer for a period of 6 months. Duration of the exclusive rights begins from the date of notification of the Customer about making a coherent design. After this period the customer has the right to extend this period up to 1 year, expressing their agreement in writing.

2. The Contractor guarantees the customer that he submitted an exclusive design will be implemented in the country of the Customer to others.

3. The perpetrator may implement exclusive design in the country of the Customer to third parties only with the written permission of the customer.

4. The Contractor reserves the right to implement the design submitted by the Customer in all countries except the country of the Customer.

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