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The holding “Belorusskie Oboi” — the largest dynamically developing group of companies of the Republic of Belarus. Holding is well known to consumers due to traditionally high quality of products and services.

The main fields of activity of the holding «Belorusskie Oboi» are:

  • manufacture of Wallpaper;
  • production of base paper for Wallpaper, office paper, school exercise books, albums and blocks;
  • release paper and paperboard for industrial use;
  • logistics and cargo transportation;
  • retail network.

Today the holding consists of 6 organizatsii:

  • Prodaction unitary entereprise” Gomeloboi”
  • Prodaction unitary entereprise “Minsk Wallpaper factory”
  • Branch “Dobrush paper factory “Geroi Truda”
  • Branch “Belkanton”
  • Private Unitary enterepride “Trading house “, Belaboi — Gomeloboi”
  • Branch of Belabo-AVTO”

LTD “Managing company of holding “Belorusskie Oboi” is the Creator of the private trading unitary enterprise “Trading house “, Belaboi — Gomeloboi”, the main activity of which is to sale of products manufactured Wallpaper the enterprises of the holding. The composition of the trading house includes five warehouses located in different regions of the Republic of Belarus, eight branded stores and more than a hundred brand sections.

Branch of Belabo-AVTO” private enterprise”, Gomeloboi” is a modern transport company of the Republic of Belarus. Today, the Park enterprises is more than 60 units, including 18 trains ecological standard Euro-4 and with a lifting capacity of 20 tons. “Belabo-AVTO” provides services on transportation of cargoes on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

JSC “URA “Belorusskie Oboi” is part of Bellesbumprom concern, which unites 46 of the largest organizations in the field of forestry, woodworking and pulp and paper industry.

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