Exchange rates (Nat. bank of the Rep. of Belarus): USD     EUR     100 RUB


The company has installed and modern technological line gravure-prıntıng and screen-printing production the leading world brands:

  • “Fischer&Krecke (Germany);
  • “Saueressig” (Germany);
  • “Plamag” (Germany);
  • “Frastan” (England);
  • “HerbertOlbrich” (Germany);
  • “Imagep&renwick (England).

Also, in the company there is the mixing station paint station from “Fluidmanagement” company wich is equipped with a spectrophotometer and the software from “GretagMacbeth” firm(Germany), which allows to make:

  • create an original color palette;
  • to reduce the time of preparation of paints;
  • to ensure exact repetition of colorings, stability and optimal consumption of printing inks.

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