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About the Company


Production Unitary Enterprise “Gomeloboi”

Production Unitary Enterprise “Gomeloboi” is the largest wallpaper company in the Republic of Belarus and the CIS countries.

The constraction of the main building of the enterprise began in autumn 1934 on the basis of “Izoplit” factory. The company started to produce products in the spring of 1936. During the long history of “Gomeloboi” was produced such materials as: rosin oil, turpentine, insulation, d and fiberboard, various types of technical papers.

Since 1976, began to produce wallpaper way high print in 1982. mastered the production of more sophisticated wallpaper gravure printing, and in 2002 the first production run of vinyl on a paper basis.

In the end of 2013th the company bought new printing equipment from «Stork» company (the Netherlands), that make possible to make the production of modern vinyl wallpaper on non-woven and paper-based (width 530 and 1060 mm), similar equipment installed on the wallpaper Rasch (Germany) factory.

Nowadays, the products of “Gomeloboi” company has very good reputation in the consumer markets of many countries such as: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Bulgaria, Poland, France, Georgia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Mongolia.

The main principles of the company are: development, production and sale of modern design high-quality products.

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