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Using modern technology, the company produces the following Wallpaper:

  • vinyl paper basis and non-woven frameworks;
  • corrugated;
  • water resistant;
  • duplex;
  • foam (with application of acrylic foam paint);

To improve the aesthetic appearance of the wallpaper, we use special finishes: pearlescent pigments (iriodin), metallic paint, glitter, environmentally safe varnishes. Additional finish Wallpaper improves their operational properties.

Nowadays in the collection of the company there are more than 250 drawings wallpaper. There is a constant updating of designs – each month the company produces 6-8 new wallpaper designs with different technologies.

Belarusian consumer protection society awarded the «Gomeloboi» the Diploma of the winner «Best product 2014» with the award of Grand Prix for all three types of vinyl wallpapers.

Vinyl wallpapers on non-woven basis is recognized as the best in the Republic of Belarus according to the results of the 11th Republican professional competition «Best building product of the year 2015» in the nomination «Best building material (product) of the year».

In 2012 the company developed a new product — water-vapor-proof material «Metaspan», which won in the nomination «the Best building material of the year 2012» in the professional contest «Best building product of the year». The company produce combined materials (MetaSAN grades C, O, B, P.)

Great interest among buyers has caused a new products 2012 – «the Napkin (cloth) household» which successfully saling on the Belarusian market, CIS markets and abroad.

The company is in the leading position in the wallpaper industry, and the «Gomeloboi» products are well recognized in the consumer markets of many countries.

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